Over the air (OTA) available channels in Montreal

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Over The Air(OTA) Channels available in Montreal

Here's a list of channels I get with my OTA(Over the air) HDTV antenna.

I live in Montreal, (H1N 3B1) and my antenna is pointed towards the south.

OTA HDTV Channels
Channel Callsign Network Resolution Signal Strength
2.1 CBFT-D SRC 1080i 95%
3.1 WCAX-HD CBS 1080i 64%
3.2 WCAXtra   480i 64%
5.1 WPTZ-HD NBC 1080i 59%
5.2 WPTZ-WX THIS 480i 62%
6.1 CBFT-TD CBC 1080i 92%
12.1 CFCF CTV 1080i 67%
17.1 CIVM-HD TQS 1080i 88%
33.1 VPT-HD PBS 1080i 54%
33.2 VPT-2 PBS 480i 54%
33.3 VPT-3 PBS CREATE 480i 54%
33.4 VPT-4 PBS WORLD 480i 54%
35.1 CFJP-DT V 1080i 73%

Sometimes I also get FOX but depends of the weather...

The underlined one is a special one.... because there's habs games on Saturdays and all the playoff games! Go Habs Go!

You can get a good idea of channels you could have on this site:http://www.tvfool.com/