Top 20 Android Apps

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Here's a list of my favorite and most useful apps on my android phone.
You have to understand that I have an old Lg Shine plus with Android Eclair (2.1) and I don't have a 3G connection.
So theses are the apps that work for me and they are all free!



Aubergine : Shopping list
Nice little shopping list application. Helps you plan and manage your groceries. Add item by typing, from suggestions, favorites or by voice recognition.



If you are a Babytel customer, you can use this app to change your account settings and make phone calls over wifi or 3g. Oh yeah and I created that app!

A good Push to talk app!

Boxee Wifi Remote
If you have a Boxee system, this is a cool app that turns you phone into a remote control.

IP Cam Viewer Basic
If you have a ZoneMinder system or any IP camera or webcam, you can use this app to monitor them.

Weather Bug
Weather Eye

Two great weather apps. Not much to say.


This app provides a nice interface to check out wikipedia articles.


RDS Hockey
For all your Montreal Canadians information needs!

Atomic Bomber
A cool little game. You are an airplane that launches bombs at tanks and buildings.

And the classics
Hearts Free




My tracks
With this app you can log you gps location and get information like top speed, average speed and stuff. Cool for runners and cyclists!


IP Webcam
With this app you can turn your smartphone into a IP camera. Very cool!


Convert Pad
For all your unit conversion needs.

Barcode Scanner
Simple barcode scanner.

Cool app that lets you browse smb drives on your network. Usefull for transfering files over you home network.


Nice file browser. Don't know why there is not a native android app for that though.

Access your files on your dropbox account.

Wifi Manager
A nice wifi manager. A bit better than the native one and also it has a nice widget that I use alot.


Feel free to comment and suggest any other apps!